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Hello and welcome to evanescencefan!

This community is for all those interested in the band, Evanescence. Whether you're a die-hard fan, or just someone who listens occassionally, all are welcome here.

Who ARE Evanescence?

Amy Lee: Lead vocalist. She is also the front woman of the band.

Ben Moody: Ex-lead guitarist for Evanescence.

John LeCompt: Second guitarist.

Rocky Gray: Drummer.

Community rules

1] Stay on topic. Anything related to Evanescence or its individual members is allowed.

2] Put all large images and entries with more than three icons behind a cut tag. The cut tag HTML is this: <*lj-cut*> without the stars. This rule is implemented because some large pictures can mess up peoples layouts.

3] Quiz results are frowned upon unless either behind a cut tag, or not just the whole entire entry [like if you write something, and then you end up putting the results at the end]. However, if you made a quiz, or you find a quiz no one has seen before, it's ok to post it [still behind a tag]. It's when we start seeing results for the same one over and over that it gets annoying.

4] No community promoting unless it has to do with Evanescence or its individual members.

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This community was created on December 28th, 2003